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Hi! My name’s Loria Harris! I’m a wedding photographer in the St Louis area, but head shots are also one of my very favorite specialties! Quite simply, they are so, so important. There really is just no replacement for a great head shot, when it comes to your professional presence. So let me get this started by practicing what I preach and sharing one of myself! 😉

            Maybe it sounds vain, but I love that photo! It makes me feel polished and ready for what the world wants to throw at me. It’s worth it just for that! However, it’s worth it for so much more. If it makes me feel great, I have to imagine it gives a good feeling to potential clients, too! I’m willing to invest the time and effort needed to do my job well, and the investment in a professional head shot communicates just that to them.

            This is my pastor, Bob. He’s a warm, fun guy who always wants to encourage people and make them laugh! When I look at that photo, I feel like I would know that even if I hadn’t met him. I can’t help but think visitors to our church website will feel very welcomed seeing his smile. You can’t put a price on that. Head shots communicate personality too, not just professionalism. They’re a warm handshake with those who would like to meet you, letting them know you’re personable and relatable. I’ve had the privilege to shoot a fairly large amount of head shots in my career, and I feel every single one tells a different story about each person.

            Now let’s imagine the flip side for a minute. Have you ever looked at a book, completely intrigued by the cover, but when you view the author’s portrait you can’t help but wonder why that portion of the presentation does not appear professional? It could even make you doubt that the book is as good as you originally hoped. I have great respect for professionals in fields all across the board. You’ve worked hard, you have experience and skills and want very much to use those to contribute to the world around you. It breaks my heart when I see those capabilities not being represented well. The quality of the photography may have nothing to do with how qualified you are at your job, but a potential client doesn’t know that. According to a Harvard University study, a first impression is formed within 5 seconds. If that impression is negative, it typically takes 8 positive interactions before a new, positive impression is formed. In the online world, that’s 8 more interactions you may not have. Your head shot is your first impression. Make it remarkable! 🙂

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