7 Ways to Get Your Name Out There

How do you come across therapists in the community? Those who stick out are doing something different than the rest of the pack. You may feel like the market is saturated with therapists and you don’t know exactly where to start.

Let’s change that right now!

First, take a look at the present market and make a decision about what you are going to do different.

If you are feeling stuck, here are some tips:

1. Contact Your Local Newspaper

Contact your local editor and submit a pitch to write a monthly piece for them. You can find tips on pitching ideas like this with a simple Google search.

2. Blog Often

Blogging gets your content and name out on the net regularly. It boosts your searchability and allows potential clients and colleagues that are curious about you access to a piece of your personality from a safe distance. It can be the start of a beautiful relationship!

3. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is essentially a video blog. You may decide you are more comfortable writing a blog versus doing video and that is okay. You do not have to do it all. Whatever you choose do it well.

4. Get on Google

You can fill an entire practice using Google. This can be done most easily by learning how to manage Google Ads, or you can work on boosting your SEO through using strategic keywords, flooding the net with great content, back links and guest blogging on other business owner’s sites. Simply listing your business on Google is effective too.

5. Write a Free E-Book

You have a vast store of knowledge in your head. Use it to build trust in the community with a free resource people can easily access. This will also gain you some foothold as an expert in a subject.

6. Join a Business Group

Have you heard of BNI or attended your local e-commerce organization? BNI stand for Business Networking International. There are chapters all over the USA that meet once weekly with the sole goal of word of mouth marketing. The business groups you find will will not be therapist only groups, but they do provide you with the ability to practice your elevator speech, get accustomed to thinking of your practice as a business and boost your word of mouth marketing strategies.

7. Host Seminars

Like writing e-books, seminars allow your potential clients and colleagues to become familiar with you.

Start with one or two of these suggestions and master them! Good luck!

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