Social Media: Choosing What Fits You

Using social media for your private practice is ethical and a great way to reach your target audience. You don’t have to go crazy and use every platform there is out there. Check in with yourself, your interests and talents to tap into what will fit you best. Here are some other things to think about as well:

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Go where your ideal clientele frequent. If you work with teens, Instagram or Vine may be the place for you. Chances are, if you work with this demographic you understand the culture, so these options may not be intimidating for you. Counseling is becoming more and more main stream so teenagers are actually referring beloved counselors to each other and telling parents exactly who they feel fits them.

Think about what kind of content your target audience would resonate with. You can create memes, short videos, tips, articles and many other things. Get creative.

Engage with Your Audience

Social media doesn’t have to be all sales. That approach doesn’t fit the therapy industry anyway. People want to see a counselor which they feel they know something about, and connect to. Use social media to make first contact with your potentials that is genuine. Show off how you “get” their experience and what your personality is like.

Start Small

Getting overwhelmed with any new thing is a recipe for quitting. Pick one, maybe two platforms that appeal to you. Put it on your schedule every week to tend to and see what happens after a few months of consistent engagement.

Keep Your Vision in Mind

Always stay on track with your practice vision with any task you plan. Keep your goals in mind and ask yourself if the content you produce and the platforms you use are in line with what you want. The examples above are for clinicians who want to reach new clients, but there are other goal options.

Do you want to engage with current clients? Would you like to engage potential clients? Are you looking to connect with referral partners? Check in with other therapist and ask what they do and what goals they have to get some ideas.

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