Choosing Your URL

Getting drawn in to the anxiety and obsession over creating a URL is easy to do. You want to get it just right because it reflects what type of business you own and your brand.

Try to focus on some simple guidelines verses having the perfect URL and the stress will decrease quite a bit. Here are guidelines to consider when creating your unique URL:

Think Like Your Clients

Sometimes you are able to land a URL that reflects your type of business. These URL’s will have the words “counseling” or “therapy” in them. .com’s have become very saturated, so if you are hoping for a URL that has a variation of those words you will most likely get disappointed, but it is possible to find more available names if you are willing to use .net, .org or some other top-level domain that isn’t .com. Other top-level domains are gaining in popularity because .com has become so saturated.

Be Memorable

Regardless of if you are able to secure a URL including the words “counseling” or “therapy” it is important to try and be memorable. It is possible to be memorable in the sense that your URL is easy to remember and spell as well as being memorable for it’s creativity. If you can get that right, it won’t matter if your URL reflects “counseling” or not, people will remember you! My URL is which has worked out nicely for the practice and is easy to articulate in conversation. It is also fun to incorporate unique attributes from your community into your URL. Here in Saint Louis one could do something like or

Matching Your Business Name

When new to the business game some folks think they need to have a URL that matches the business name. This is not necessary at all especially if your practice name is very lengthy or hard to remember. You may also run into an issue when someone else owns your business name URL. You have a couple options in that situation: if it is very important for you to own your business name URL you can bid on it or you can choose something catchy that reflects your brand or mission.


Our society has become accustomed to instant gratification and fast pace living. Keep your URL as short as possible for those shorter attention spans and you will have more space on your business cards.

Suggestions for finalizing your choice:

Brainstorm 10-12 different choices you would like

Check on the net to see if your ideas are available

Narrow your choices to what is available and adjust where needed

Percolate for about a week, trying the names on in your head to see what resonates

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