Your Dreams are Big

The options for how to reach your practice goals are daunting. You don’t have a MBA or advanced knowledge in marketing and you don’t have the money to hire someone to manage all of that for you. It’s a stuck feeling you don’t have to experience.

Know What You Don’t Know

Since there is zero business education provided to therapists in their graduate programs, you are left to take it upon yourself to get the education. Sitting at the computer wondering about HOW to launch, grow or run with sound business practices is an isolating experience. Why keep on with empty “networking?” You don’t have to do this business thing solo.

What’s Working for Clinicians?

A one stop shop with straight answers would be nice. More than nice, a MIRACLE. 50 different opinions from other clinicians on how to grow more or get your name out for the first time is a nagging feeling. You need a simple answer to the question: What works for therapists?

Security and Freedom

Offer great therapy to your most favorite clients, as many as you can handle. We will teach you how to make it happen and how to run all the business aspects of your practice. How does more clients and more money made and saved each year sound to you?

Create Your Dream Practice – Start Now

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